Large Copper Fumed Raku Pot, Ceramic


PA464, Pat Armstrong

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Artist : Pat Armstrong

Name : Large Copper Fumed Pot

Medium: Ceramic

Size: 15 x 19 cm

Large Copper Fumed Pot is a beautifully crafted ceramic piece by Pat Armstrong. The copper fuming technique has created wisps of orange and pink across the surface of the pot. This firing technique is notably capricious and no two pots will ever come out the same. Large Copper Fumed Pot will make a thoughtful gift and will compliment many interior settings.

Raku is a traditional 16th century Japanese technique of firing ceramics, which is closely linked to the Tea Ceremonies. This method of firing differs from other forms as the pot is removed from the kiln while it is at its maximum temperature. It is then treated to a ‘post firing reduction’ phase whereby the pot is placed into a container with a combustible material such as sawdust. This is then allowed to smoke for a predetermined length of time. The result is an increased measure of carbon within the contained atmosphere which reacts and affects the clay and glazes. This creates the distinctive style which is seen in Raku fired works.

Copper fuming is achieved by the application of a 90% Copper Oxide and 10% glaze mixture on to the surface of the pot, which is then fired in true Raku style. This gives beautifully vibrant colours and occasionally a velvet textured finish is also achieved. This technique is notoriously difficult to control but the results are truly marvellous.

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Weight 455 g
Dimensions 140 × 190 mm

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