Interior Landscape Lime & White, Glass

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LB004, Laura Birdsall

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Artist: Laura Birdsall

Name: Interior Landscape Lime & White

Medium: Glass

Lime & White Interior Landscape is beautifully crafted glass vessel by Laura Birdsall. The exterior has been sandblasted and acid-dipped to create a soft satin finish. The inside is a glossy and seductive green. The complimentary colours unite with Birdsall’s original and contemporary style, elements that amount to a tactile and versatile artwork which sits elegantly in any setting.

Laura Birdsall speaks of her work and practice;

“I make blown glass vessels with strong sculptural qualities. My inspiration is often some detail in nature, such as a seed or a pod or a fish’s fin. Continuing themes in my work are the relationship between the interior and exterior of a vessel and decoration that is integral to the form. Many pieces have an intensely worked exterior surface and rim. This is achieved by meticulous and time consuming cutting, by hand, using a traditional lathe. Each unique piece is then sandblasted and acid dipped to create a soft satin texture, which is beautifully tactile. As a maker I experience the hot material as soft and luminous and I try to preserve these qualities in the finished work. By layering transparent and opaque colours, I create vibrant and translucent objects that change with the natural light throughout the day.”


Purchase through Own Art

Interior Landscape Lime & White is available to purchase through the Own Art scheme. Supported by the Arts Council UK and Hitachi Capital, this interest free loan scheme allows you to spread the cost over ten monthly instalments. If you are interested in this payment option please send an email to Ensure you subject the email ‘Own Art’ and include ‘LB004, Interior Landscape Lime & White by Laura Birdsall  ’ in your message. If you have any questions regarding this scheme or any artworks exhibited on our website, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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