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KB111, Kosta Boda

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Artist :  Anna Ehrner for Kosta Boda

Title : Copper Basket Bowl

Medium : Glass

Size : 38.5 cm Diameter

Copper Basket Bowl by Anna Ehrner for Kosta Boda combines sophisticated glass-making techniques with a vibrant pop of lustrous copper. Instantly update your interior decor with this cool swirl of ocean coloured glass from Sweden.

Kosta Boda is one of the world’s leading brands of glassware and art glass, and its designers are among the most recognised in the field, not only in Sweden but in the world. Common to them is the desire to explore the possibilities of glass, always pushing the boundaries of what is possible. These techniques are both classic and brand new, often developed by the craftsmen in glassworks, in efforts to try to realise the designers’ ideas. The heart of the business can be found in the Kingdom of Crystal in Småland, Sweden. Almost a million people visit this region every year. Kosta glassworks was founded in 1742 and is the oldest Swedish glassworks. Kosta is often referred to as “the Mother of the Kingdom of Crystal” because many other glassworks in the area were founded by master glassblowers from Kosta. The name Kosta itself is a combination of the last names of the founders: Koskull and Staël von Holstein.

“Technology and an understanding of glass have been refined here in the heart of the forests in the Swedish province of Småland ever since 1742. Our glassware is vibrant, bold, innovative and provocative. It stands out and takes centre stage. Kosta Boda is true passion”. – Kosta Boda.

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Weight 1700 g
Dimensions 385 × 385 × 95 mm

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