Born in 1976 in Kiev, Vladimir has gained a great reputation in his home country of Ukraine.

His work is technique-based oil painting and he demonstrates great skill with the palette knife, using large amounts of paint to give his work expression and movement. His use of colour and texture define his work. His traditional subject matter is enveloped in the craftmanship of each piece, using his trademark colouring and mark-making.

His mastering of the impasto technique is the key to his success. Vladimir thickly applies his oil paint using a palette knife and adds further detailed points using a brush. His paintings are abstracted when viewed from close up, but the detail and form come into focus when the viewer takes a step back. Vladimir likes to paint a series of traditional subjects, such as landscapes, mountains and rivers, horses and swans. His paintings capture and express the great energy and enthusiasm with which they are created.

Vladimir likes to travel, and his pieces reflect inspirations collected from around the world. He experiments with capturing transient moments in nature, painting sea, sky and animals in their natural habitats all in his expressive, free-flowing style. He currently lives in Miami, Florida. All of Vladimir’s paintings are professionally framed and ready to hang.

Photographs are property of the gallery and the artist.

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