Tyrone Hood lives and works in a barn at his farm in Tunstead, Norfolk, and has for many years been passionate about the possibilities of concrete as a material with which to create art.

Tyrone uses concrete in the most creative way; he dyes, embosses and forms it in such a way that it appears refined and delicate, like tooled leather, or finely carved wood or stone.

Tyrone’s work comes out of his need to express his ideas in a physical form; the transition from thought to process to resolved work is the backbone of his practice. Through the versatility of his chosen material, he achieves uniquely elegant concrete sculptures for the home. Riverside Art & Glass exhibits a range of his stunning concrete and resin inlay tables and lights.

Tyrone speaking of his practice;

“Whether it be free standing 3D pieces or lightweight wall panels, concrete offers me the adaptability and freedom where many materials fall short. Most importantly this sense of freedom forces me to push the ideas further and question every decision in an attempt to better what came before. Concrete has taken me through both College and University, and now it can take me even further. Creating work can be hard but it is the love of the material and the results it can yield which make it worthwhile.”

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