This is a selection of the pieces that we have by Secret Wood in our gallery. Contact us on 01603 767282 or via to enquire about the full range and other sizes.

Secret Wood specialises in hand crafted rings that have been designed and made in Vancouver, British Columbia. Founded in 2015, Secret Wood’s goal is to encapsulate tiny secret worlds that are each unique and one of a kind. A blend of ethereal fantasy elements grounded on Canadian natural landscapes shape Secret Wood’s creations. Every ring is handmade using fresh wood, jewellery resin, and beeswax. Their craftsmen make each look as if it contains a secret, miniature world, complete with forests, lagoons, snow, gusting winds and beautiful flowers.

These scenes are inspired by the natural scenery of Canada, with its turquoise lakes, snow-capped mountains, glorious forests, crashing waterfalls, and of course, the majestic Pacific Ocean. In some of the rings there are special touches like gold flakes, swirls of ink colouring, or real flowers, imparting a special touch to these tiny, wearable artworks.

All photographs are property of the artist.

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