Ruth McCabe lives in rural east Suffolk, surrounded by an agricultural landscape. She began painting in 1997 and uses oils, watercolour and acrylic paints to express how she feels about the beauty and wonder of the landscape in all seasons and weathers. She pushes watercolour towards abstraction, using loosely applied transparent glazes. Ruth says that her work reflects the “grace of the ordinary”, and is more impressionistic and abstract than representational.

She has recently entered into ‘The Landscape Artist of the Year’ competition on Sky Arts, which is televised on Tuesday 11th October 2016, featuring Ruth, who painted at Stowe House in Buckinghamshire for the show.

Ruth lives five miles inland along the River Blyth Valley in North Suffolk. The Blyth is tidal, and affected by tidal surges that would stream along the valley if not contained within the managed water meadows. Nearer the coast, mudflats, reed beds and salt marsh do their work in dissipating the destructive power of high tides. Ruth says she “genuinely loves the living world, and am utterly grateful for its immeasurable beauty and stunning complexity.”

At Gallery in the Lanes we are proud to have some of Ruth’s stunning abstracted landscapes, in watercolour. These beautifully framed pieces are testament to her expertise in the use of colour and her skill in creating atmospheric landscape with strong, minimal yet definite brushstrokes. Her representation of the Norfolk and Suffolk reed beds, fields and rivers result in soft, beautifully coloured images.

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