This is a selection of the pieces that we have by Rowena Brown in our gallery. Contact us on 01603 767282 or via to enquire about the full range.

Rowena Brown holds a BA in Design from St. Martins School of Art London, an MA in Fine Art from Bretton Hall (University of Leeds) and has exhibited work all over the UK and in the USA. Rowena specialises in hand built sculptures of archetypal buildings, which often come in pairs, groups, or a series. Her pieces are coloured with slips, part-glazed and then earthen- ware or raku fired.

Speaking of her inspiration Rowena says her pieces stem from both media images showing the aftermath of man-made disruption and environmental disaster, and also time spent in coastal areas particularly on Hebridean islands, taking photographs of weather-worn and derelict structures. As a result, much of Rowena’s work evokes a sense of abandonment, with the idea of the home, a universal symbol of being safe and secure, becoming exposed. This is reinforced by the very nature of the raku process, with its passage through fire and smoke that conjures up a sense of destruction and irrevocable change. The finished pieces become vessels for reminiscence and contemplation.

Speaking on her ceramics Rowena says that although “individually dark, empty and isolated, when grouped together they appear to form their own community, evoking human interaction and suggesting a human presence by its absence”. Over the years Rowena has developed an approach to decoration and firing that results in multi-layered surfaces. While alluding to environmental damage and abandonment, this also creates a visual interest to draw the onlooker in.

Rowena’s work is the subject of a short film made by the broadcaster Ian Skelly ( The film explores Rowena’s work, her inspirations and the techniques she uses to create her sculptural ceramics.

All photographs are property of the gallery and the artist. 

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