Pia Zocca was born in Italy and studied art at the Scuola dell’Arte in Verona. She has lived and worked in many countries such as South Africa, Brazil and USA. The cultures and landscapes from these countries have provided a great influence for Pia which she reflects in her work. Pia works with glass and often uses striking shapes and colours to create her pieces. Her framed wall art pieces have a three-dimensional quality due to her use of fused glass layers which gives each scene real perspective and depth. Designed to be displayed like a painting, these panels of fused glass are made spontaneously with layers of coloured glass similar to a collage.

She also creates sculptures and lamps in a contemporary leaded glass style, combining textures as well as colours to generate real interest and uniqueness within each piece. Lamps have always had a special meaning to Pia as she finds them reminiscent of towers and buildings with an organic feeling. She feels that the combination of the light and the glass go well together to give interiors a special accent.

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