This is just a selection of Laura’s pieces that we have in our gallery. Contact us on 01603 767282 or via for further details.

Laura Birdsall is based in North Yorkshire, where she makes blown glass vessels with strong sculptural qualities. Birdsall’s inspiration is often some small detail in nature, such as a seed pod or a fish’s fin.

Continuing themes in her work are the relationship between the interior and exterior of a vessel, and the decoration that is integral to the form. Many pieces have an intensely worked exterior surface and rim; this is achieved by meticulous and time consuming cutting by hand, using a traditional lathe.

Each unique piece is then sandblasted and acid dipped to create a soft satin texture, which is beautifully tactile. As each piece is being made, the hot glass is soft and luminous; Birdsall preserves these qualities in the finished work. By layering transparent and opaque colours, she creates vibrant and translucent objects that change with natural light through the day.

Photographs are property of Denisa Ilie

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