Jasmine Farrow studied Art, design, video and photography at The University of Sunderland. Whilst there she became interested in layering and the meaning the layers have within her artworks. Jasmine’s work is expressive, complex and vibrant. She describes it as a diary, only words are replaced with colour, form, gesture and texture.

In 2012 she became ill with M.E. and was completely bed bound for a year. After taking a break from art, it was this illness that eventually spurred her on to start creating again. Having lost the ability to express words, suffering from disjointed and reversed speech, art has given Jasmine a means of communication. Eventually she was able to make things from my bed, including miniatures out of polymer clay, drawings and designs. Jasmine said, “I started thinking about what I would do if I started to feel better. This helped me to pass the time in a more positive way and got me thinking about my art again.”

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