Clare Cummins studied Sculpture at Maidstone College of Art from 1984 – 1987. Whilst there, she took pottery classes and ceramics quickly became her preferred medium. She now lives in Hethersett, Norwich where she works out of her studio in her garden.

All of Cummins’ pieces are individually crafted using a mixture of clays and oxides, and then burnished by hand. Clare’s work has a beautifully earthy finish and natural feel. Clare uses several differing types of clay in her coil pots; in the hand burnishing technique Clare skilfully blends the alternate clays together, seamlessly creating a linear pattern which follows the form of the pot. She often uses a ‘wrap’ around finish to her vessels which make them seem as if they have been formed by wrapping a sheet of clay.

Clare likes to source her clay naturally; digging it up from fields around Norfolk, which she then soaks and sieves leaving a wonderfully rough clay from which she works. Clare loves the random effects this gives her work, relishing the chance element of colour and texture the different clays give.

Please note that Clare’s pieces are not guaranteed to hold liquids.

All photographs are property of the gallery and the artist. 

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