Chris studied Ceramics at the University of the West of England. Having completed an apprenticeship at Dartington Pottery and worked in studios across the country, he continued to develop and refine his own award-winning style alongside an academic career.

During his subsequent MA in Glass and Ceramics at the Royal College of Art, Chris used a travel scholarship to undertake a residency in China. ‘What struck me is that people are still making objects by hand, they haven’t lost the level of manual skill that we would have liked 300 years ago. It was incredible to see small workshops using old processes in new ways.’

It is these experiences, Chris combines materials, techniques and processes which are not commonly seen side by side, to create objects rich in colour, texture and material quality. Influenced by Grayson Perry and Keith Harrison, Chris finds ‘the unconventional very refreshing’. He uses colour and underglaze prints to build up layers on the surface, as well as enamels, lustres and on-glaze prints. The results are reminiscent of worn wallpaper. ‘I wanted to work with lots of colour and to use a shape that isn’t abstract but easily recognisable’

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