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Chris Kendrick is a contemporary still life painter whose practice is steeped in art historical references. He has produced paintings since he was a boy in the Midlands. In 1990 he came to Norwich to attend art school, and has been painting full-time since 2003.

Chris’ figurative oil paintings are grounded in the 17th century Dutch ‘Pronkstilleven’ style (meaning ornate or sumptuous still life). The way that simple objects can create a narrative by their relationship to each other and the ways in which these objects imply a human presence is what intrigues Chris. As an artist he is compelled by light and its interaction with objects. Whether light reflects off, is absorbed by, or passes through an object, it is this constant interplay that he is driven to understand, and express.

These dramatically lit and luxuriantly saturated works are created on canvas or canvas panel (which he stretches and then glues over wooden panels). These panels give the ‘tooth’, or texture, which provide the paintings with a firmer, more stable ground. This enables the stippling and glazing techniques that he applies to his works.

Photographs are property of the gallery and the artist. 

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