Starting in October to 2017 and running in the February 2018, the Sainsbury Centre is staging the Russia Season to mark the anniversary of the Russian Revolution. A highlight will be the dramatic model of Tatlin’s Tower, one of the most iconic architectural projects to have been designed in the Soviet era. The ten-metre high model will be on display near the Sainsbury Centre. contrasting Russian art and life, before and after the Revolution.

Royal Fabergé explores the extraordinary production and glittering saga of Fabergé, the leading artist-jewellers during the decades preceding the First World War. A highlight will be the Sandringham animals illustrating the naturalistic genius of Fabergé which so appealed to Royal tastes both in Britain and in Russia.

In time with the exhibition at the Sainsbury Centre we are hosting a pop-up exhibition of enamel designs by Sheila McDonald, including necklaces, cufflinks and spoons. Shelia explains that enamel is essentially a composition of glass, coloured with mineral oxides. It is ground to a very fine grain size in water, then applied to the piece of silver and fired in a very hot kiln until the tiny grains fuse together to form a fairly smooth, shiny surface. Enamel colour is permanent and will not fade, it is however glass and has to be treated with some care.

To gain a different perspective on the Russia Season, Sheila will be giving a lunchtime talk as part tof the Sainsbury Centre Thursday Lunch time talks on the 23 November. Please get in touch with the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts for more information or follow this link.

Sheila McDonald Spoons

THURSDAY LUNCHTIME TALKS at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts

23 November | 1.15 – 1.45 | Free admission with exhibition ticket

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