This is a selection of the pieces that we have by Catheryn Shilling in our gallery. Contact us on 01603 767282 or via to enquire about the full range.

Gallery In The Lanes is proud to have a selection of Cathryn Shilling’s highly skilled glass work in our display. Cathryn’s pieces include delicately woven glass sculptures, vases  and lidded vessels. All are beautifully finished and unique in their design, colouring and technique.

Cathryn Shilling first studied glass in Connecticut having moved there with her family following a successful graphic design career. After further study in London, she has gone on to create a large and varied collection of kiln formed and hot glass of great beauty and collectability. She uses bold and experimental techniques, skilfully combining the fluidity and transparency of glass with materials such as metals and ceramic transfers to produce one-off sculptural pieces. Shape, texture, light and colour are used to great effect to create joyful and exciting work, which is always innovative and surprising. In 2010 Shilling joined the team at Peter Layton’s London Glassblowing Studio and Gallery as Exhibition Co-ordinator and Curator, as well as becoming a member of The Artworkers Guild.

Cathryn’s work has been in a number of exhibitions, including ‘Bodytalk’ at the Glasmuseet, Ebletoft, Denmark; ‘Collect’ at the Saatchi Gallery with Gallery at London Glassblowing, ‘East-West Artists Exhibition’ in Kyoto, Japan and ‘Hot Glass’ at Contemporary Applied Arts, London. She has also exhibited at the British Glass Biennale in 2010, 2012 and 2015, and twice in the Emerge Juried Kiln-Glass Exhibition at Bullseye Gallery, Portland, Oregon. In 2015 Cathryn was number 4 in the Glassation list of ‘The 18 Most Game Changing Female Glass Artists’ and number 25 in the Graphic Design Hub’s list of ‘The 30 Most Amazing Glass Artists Alive Today’. In 2016 Cathryn participated in London Craft Week 2016.

Photographs are property of the gallery and the artist.

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